Commercial / Industrial Electrical Installations

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We perform all types of electrical installations for industrial electrical and commercial electrical projects.


Cascade Electrical has successfully completed many projects in the educational sector, from early learning facilities, public and private K-8 schools, and beyond. We understand the ever-increasing need for technology integration as a learning tool, and we can deliver a seamless electrical installation to be used by upcoming generations of students. We are glad to take part in building for the future of our communities and our children.


We understand that the smallest details can make the largest impact on customer experience and ultimately, the success of your retail project. From single tenant improvements to multi-tenant retail plazas, or even a big box store, Cascade has extensive experience in installing eye-catching lighting packages, cost effective and properly sized electrical services, all while keeping pace with tight construction schedules to meet your opening deadline.

Medical/Dental/Health Care

The team at Cascade Electrical are well-versed in Health Care and other medical and Patient Care facilities. Whether a dental office, medical clinic, substance abuse facility, or larger skilled nursing project, we can provide a high quality and code compliant installation, to ensure your facility is a safe environment for patient care.

Flex Office and Warehouse

From standalone concrete tilt-up warehouse buildings to full flex building business parks, let Cascade help with your design and installation. We are knowledgeable on building shell and site requirements, as well as electrical items that may be needed for specific future tenants. We always strive to find the most efficient way to provide your project with enough power for current and future needs.


Whether a quick-serve or a full service upscale eatery or franchise restaurant, we can help design and build an electrical and lighting system to serve your clients with the appropriate atmosphere and connect your state of the art kitchen equipment.


The diversity of electrical power needs for industrial end-users is well understood here at Cascade. No matter the client, we can help to get their equipment and processes running on time. From industrial pump repair to ceramics machining, post-consumer plastics recycling to metalworking and machining, we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done. Kyocera Corporation, Flowserve, Oregon Beverage Recycling (ORPET), are just a few of our clients in these areas.

Mixed Use/Multi Family

The need for housing units continues to grow along with other economical sectors. Cascade Electrical is a strong partner in the success of your multi-family apartment complex or mixed use building. We can help specify an attractive yet cost effective lighting package, integrate your residential and commercial needs for a mixed-use building, and ensure that minimum footprint electrical equipment is utilized to preserve leasable space in your building.

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